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Who is Feldenkrais Work For?
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Who can Feldenkrais work help?

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People like you!

My personal answer to this (and I'm sure that most of the over 3000 Feldenkrais Practitioners in the world would agree with me) is that very nearly everyone needs it, and everyone can benefit from it.

People from all walks of life, all physical abilities, and all ages can and do take Feldenkrais classes. Some people come to the work because their bodies are the instrument of their work (dancers and musicians, for example), some people are seeking to develop personally via a better connection with their body in terms of integrating mind, body and soul, and others come because of pain (the work is recommended by more and more doctors in Europe and the US to people with chronic pain, pain due to injury, or post-operative pain), or neurological handicaps.

Whether you suffer from pain or not, or don't want ageing to mean moving with difficulty or already feel that way, whether you would like to feel more freedom in your movement and in your life, or would like to improve your self-image or learn to do away with stress and unproductive habits and if you'd like all of these things, good for you - there is a wealth of things for you to learn from Feldenkrais work.

My favourite way of describing Feldenkrais work is as the bowl for your soup. Whatever your soup, whatever you choose to do in your days, you can learn to move better and enjoy the things you do more.Many people take movement for granted, while for others movement means sport, dance, or yoga; it is a separate category from daily life, whereas in fact we are constantly moving, but rarely pay any attention to this until we have an aching back or a stiff neck. Bending down more easily or sitting more comfortably at your computer are examples of things people who do not choose overtly physical pastimes may want to learn.

And for those who dance, run, ski, do yoga or Tai Chi Feldenkrais work can be an invaluable source of insight and learning for you to improve your performance and increase the pleasure you get from these activities. Left to your own devices it is only too easy to reinforce your habitual way of moving and dealing with challenging moments, whereas the gentle (but also intriguing, and often challenging) movements in Feldenkrais classes can bring you greater awareness and help you rediscover the whole-self way of moving that was so natural when you were a child.

Feldenkrais work is based on the premise that everyone, given the right conditions, whatever their age, ability, weight, fitness and even whatever their neurological health, can learn. There are two forms of Feldenkrais work: Awareness Through Movement (ATM) and Functional Integration (FI). These support and complement each other.

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