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Age Happens!
Who is Feldenkrais Work For?
Group and Individual Work
An easy way to learn
Awareness and Freedom

Group and Individual Work

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In Feldenkrais work, rather than
looking at the body as a conglomeration
of separate parts, the focus is on
rediscovering the skeletal connections
which comprise functional movement,
the person's whole body and whole self
being encouraged to participate in a
more co-ordinated and efficient way.


Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes are generally given in a group setting, the instructions being given verbally. A lot of the lessons (of which there are over one thousand) are done while lying on the floor, others are done sitting on the floor or a chair or standing. Everyone interprets and carries out the movements at his or her own pace and according to his or her own ability, without concern for what other people are doing. Movements are intended to be done simply, comfortably and as effortlessly as possible.

Each lesson is precisely structured to re-educate specific movement patterns which were part of our development when we were children and which we often compromise in later life (as I described on my home page). Some lessons begin with a very small movement, like rolling your head, and end in a big movement, like rolling from lying to sitting. and others begin and end with the same reference movement. In all lessons, the goal is not to arrive, but to be present throughout the journey, be aware of what you are doing and how you are doing it, learn to distinguish between effortful and effortless movement thus allowing awareness of hitherto unnoticed habits in order to be able to move away from them, and explore different ways of moving and being.

Classes consist of easy-to-do movements, which may begin with something as simple as lifting a hand, but may end in sitting up from a lying position. The best student is the student who makes the most "mistakes" (doesn't that sound good?!), because that person is open to trying something new in order to learn. You should do the movements gently, always staying within your range of comfort. The ability to listen to your body and the quality of your movement is more important than achieving. The lessons are fun, and you feel "inexplicably" good at the end. There are over one thousand Awareness Through Movement lessons, which teach you to relearn basic movement patterns. They address both your conscious self and your nervous system and the unnoticed habits by which your brain controls our every movement.

Less is More

Awareness and Freedom

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Functional Integration (FI) is the one-to-one form of Feldenkrais work and is for anyone who wants or needs to work individually. The Feldenkrais practitioner first talks to the client and observes him or her while moving. Most FI lessons are done with the client lying fully-clothed on a low table, similar to a massage table. The practitioner uses his or her hands to gently move the client in a way that allows and encourages new movement patterns. The quality of touch is non-invasive and is not corrective.

FI is done according to what the practitioner observes, feels and senses while the client is moving and being moved. Each lesson develops spontaneously in response to the preceding movement, not according to a set plan. Learning may occur on a conscious level (for example: Id never realised my arm could affect my neck) or on the level of the neuro-muscular system, where it may be hard to name the differences sensed other than in terms of, for example, feeling more relaxed, taller or a greater range or freedom of movement.

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. Feldenkrais Practitioner training consists of periods of contact study (group and hands-on work, lectures etc), independent study, and practical study, all of which include anatomy, biomechanics, aspects of neurology, psychology and other related fields over a period of 3 years. I did my training in the US. There are more than 3000 practitioners in the world.

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